Working Together

What I offer when you work with me:

  •    I offer you honor and respect for your unique life path, and the beauty and power of your Soul.
  •    I offer ways to strengthen your intuitive sense of what is true and right for you, through connection to your Soul’s sacred nature and wisdom.
  •    I offer my ability to listen and provide possible images, practices and broader perspectives for you to consider.
  •    I offer energy and physical movement practices from Qi Gong to help ground you in this tangible reality.
  •    I offer energy work with your personal life force energy and how to nourish it with the Universal Life Force.
  •    I offer shamanic journey work to aid you in direct connection with the Unseen Reality and the aid of your own helping spirits.
  •    I offer chant to open your body’s energy system on a vibrational level and help align body, mind, soul and spirit.
  •    I offer work with archetypes and other symbol systems to help reveal old identities and patterns of behavior which are giving way to make room for knew levels of self-understanding.
  •    I offer practices in withdrawing projections, assumptions and harm we send to others through our thoughts, ideas and actions, to aid healing of our connections in the world.

My personal and spiritual integration guidance is available to individuals and small groups. My work with individuals in Zoom sessions can be one-time, occasional, or scheduled on a regular basis, depending on the desired intentions. For group work, I welcome gatherings of 5 – 10 individuals who want to explore a specific theme or gain an overview of living a sacred integrated life. I do this work on a donation basis, because this way of sharing resources is congruent with my understanding of the interwoven nature of Life.

If any or all of these resonate with you, it may be the time for us to work together. Please contact me.