HUNG Third Syllable of Morning Chant

HUNG carries the vibration of Loving Kindness and resonates in the chest moving outward through the body. It is our nature to have this Loving Kindness flow through our body, mind, energy and soul. As we repeat this chant to all of the directions, we also acknowledge that it our nature to be woven into the fabric of Life by this energy of Loving Kindness.

I hope that you enjoy this practice. Discover how it feels in your bones, muscles and thoughts to sing HUNG.

Upcoming Workshop:    There is still space available in the Trusting the Wisdom Within workshop on Saturday, August 27.  Use Contact Nancy to register.


OM Second Syllable of Morning Chant

OM  carries a vibration of Light, healing and wholeness as it flow outward through the universe. It is the second syllable of the Bön Chant, which I use as part of my morning ritual to greet the day.

As you practice with OM, sense the Light which enlightens the mind, heart and soul. Feel it as the Sacred Light which shines forth from you as an expression of your nature. Sense it flowing in, around and through all things. OM carries the Light which illumines all things, showing that in this moment, just as you are, you are perfect, complete and whole.


I will continue next week with HUNG, the third syllable which represents loving kindness.




Saturday, August 27, 2022 10:00 – 1:00 PST

Upcoming Workshop

Trusting the Wisdom Within

Saturday, August 27, 2022 

10:00 – 1:00 PST via Zoom

It is time for us to begin trusting our lives to our own inner authority. Turning our attention away from external opinions and the input of the conditioned mind, we discover that we know what is true within our soul. In this workshop, we will explore the soul as our source of clarity, wholeness and wisdom. Using visualization, chant, and movement, we will reconnect with the sacred and trustworthy nature of the wisdom we carry within. In our soul, we remember who we have always been and what we have always known.

Workshop limited to 8 participants
Recommended Donation $50.00
Contact Nancy to Register

AHH — Beginning the Morning Chant

“AAH” the gentle sound of a deep sigh of relief, is the first syllable of my Morning Chant.

“AAH” carries the energy of openness and spaciousness. As I sing the tone, I envision everything letting go of the illusion of being fixed and solid, appearing in its most spacious and relaxed configuration. Singing it to the seven directions, and using it as blessing to the Being of Humanity and All of the Expressions of the Life of Gaia, I sense the spaciousness of all things. It makes room for new energy and life to flow through in a gentle and effortless way.

I invite you to practice for the coming week with this first syllable. Next week, we will add “OM” that light-filled syllable of healing and wholeness.


Morning Chant Introduction

This morning chant is my way of greeting the new day. It invites me to broaden my perspective and touch into the expansive mystery and energy of Life.

The Tibetan Bön chant focuses on five syllables, each sung on the same pitch, and each carrying a specific symbolic meaning. I have added unique elements from other aspects of my practice to make this morning chant my own.

To learn more about the Bön chant, I recommend Tibetian Sound Healing by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

For Those Who See The World Differently

Welcome to all who feel out of sync with the world around you; all who view life from a slightly different angle. This community is for you.

This new website offers my soul’s expression of my gifts, insights, wisdom and practices. I invite you to integrate the physical, spiritual, energetic, emotional, imaginative and mental aspects of your life. From this inner wholeness, the unique expression of your soul in the world will become more clear. This in turn connects you to your place within the Web of Life.

My former site Earth Centered Living After 60 will continue to offer archived posts of the journey that has led me to this phase of my spiritual journey and my work.


Circles, Flowers and Spirals

Over the past few weeks, I have been drawing circles, The Seed of Life, The Flower of Life and the Fibonacci Spiral as a way to explore new ways of seeing the world. These designs are used to describe the unfolding of creation and the patterns which are endlessly repeated in the natural world. They come together as an invitation to consider the limitless possibilities available as we experience life flowing, forming connections, expanding and converging in every moment.

I use drawing and other forms of creative work to help teach my mind new ways of thinking about life. They help me move beyond linear and dualistic frameworks, which separate and divide, to flows that connect and interweave. I love the Flower of Life as it takes circles of equal size, places them in an even an configuration, and creates beauty and balance.  

Beginning at the Center

As I invite people into an exploration of how to live from a deeper reality, it is best to share my own basic beliefs and perspective. In this video I describe my beginning point in connection with the Sacred Source and the each living soul as an expression of this source.

There is great need for both personal and planetary transformation, and I trust that the first lends its energy to the second. Every time an individual takes a step forward in honoring their own soul and the divine nature of all of life, they nourish the collective spirit of humankind.

I will continue this series of blogs describing my experience of the deeper reality of life and inviting you to join me in living from this empowered perspective.