About Nancy

    My life’s journey has led me through a range of spiritual traditions and unseen world territories. Mystical Christianity, Zen meditation, Energy Work with Reiki and Qi Gong, Natural Health, Shamanic Journey and the Dark Night of the Ego have informed my understanding of the unity of all of life.
    In my spiritual life, I tend to dive deeply into one approach to the Sacred Mystery and then another. There is a Sacred Reality, a universal life force of love and light, which flows through all of creation. I first found it through Christianity and after completing seminary at Iliff School of Theology, served the United Methodist Church as a minister for twelve years.
    Moving further into the meditative and mystical aspects of the journey, I next dove into the well of Zen Buddhist meditation. For another twelve years, my husband and I shared a daily practice, and led The Still Point Zen Meditation Center in Chico, CA.
    I had always provided a calm presence for people in times of crisis and transition. This deepened in my work as Coordinator of Volunteers at Enloe Hospice, and as I co-authored the book, The Caregiver’s Tao the Ching.