We are living our way into a new multi-dimensional and spherical reality in which all of life is Sacred, all of life is One. As old linear structures are breaking down, it is our task to discover how we are woven into the unity of the Being of Humanity and of the Web of Life.

As human beings, we need to integrate our physical being with our energetic nature, our soul and our psyche to empower the unique expression of our life. Living from internal harmony, we discover our soul’s gifts to all of Life, and find our place within the Being of Humanity and the Web of Life.

Upcoming Workshop

Trusting the Wisdom Within

Saturday, August 27, 2022 

10:00 – 1:00 PST via Zoom

It is time for us to begin trusting our lives to our own inner authority. Turning our attention away from external opinions and the input of the conditioned mind, we discover that we know what is true within our soul. In this workshop, we will explore the soul as our source of clarity, wholeness and wisdom. Using visualization, chant, and movement, we will reconnect with the sacred and trustworthy nature of the wisdom we carry within. In our soul, we remember who we have always been and what we have always known.

Workshop limited to 8 participants
Recommended Donation $50.00
Contact Nancy to Register